Immersive and Extended Bondage- cocooned and controlled into form matter


Suspension- flight, levity, weightlessness: experience total loss of grounded physicality


                                         Precision and Prescriptive Pain Application- mortification of the flesh as a path to awakening


Breath control- if you are not your body, you are your breath. Breath is life force: forcibly bated and abdridged, restricted and held captive in precarious balance.


                                        Sensory Overload-Deprivation Oscillation


Gender manipulation- break beyond the binary and find the multiplicity of play and freedom in the spectrum of who you can be, become, dress into and dress down as. The burden of modern masculinity can be tiring as a facade, the armor of suit and tie can be a cross to bear. Lay it down and find redemption in identity deconstruction.




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